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We have officially closed our location in Dahlonega but we are still doing business "as usual" like we were before we opened the store.  Peggy Ferguson is still available for onsite consultations or call her at (404) 375-9600 if you need anything at all.  We are still shipping product and helping our customers with their ponds.  

Click HERE to go to our Facebook Page and be sure to FRIEND us.  Every now and then we'll post coupons and specials that can save you money on the pond supplies that you normally purchase and some really unique and cool garden art and gift items!

If you are on FaceBook you can join our brand new group called POND PEOPLE.  It's a great place to ask questions and brag about your own beautiful pond!  Once you join you can post anything pond-related, including pictures of your koi, goldfish, water lilies and garden pond, questions you might have about how to clear your water, heal sick pond fish or what kind of equipment you need, etc. and suggestions for other members.  We monitor and administer the page so you will get the benefit of a seasoned pond professional with good, common sense answers for your pond problems.  Click HERE to join our group of Pond People.

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Koi Ponds and Watergardening Information
That's what we're famous for!  Since 1996 the Pond Doc has been supplying folks from all over the world with great advice on maintaining healthy and clear koi ponds and water gardens and selling only the products that work.  Visit our online article archives for a world of information on everything having to do with ornamental ponds and koi keeping.  Visit "Pond Doc General" Hospital for helpful advice on how to treat sick fish and buy the right product to cure whatever ails your fishy friends through or Fish Pharmacy. 

For many years we published a newsletter and distributed it to our customers.  Eventually almost every article has been added to our website.  All those articles on such topics as fish heath issues, water clarity, equipment purchasing, pond building, etc. is up there for you to read, learn and enjoy.  Visit our
Articles Archive for a list of those articles and good luck reading them all! 

Our Secure Online Store
Easy to use, secure and up-to-date, our online store has it all and is separated into departments so you can easily find what you are looking for.  Click the "Pond Supplies" button and you'll pull up a whole list of products, separated by categories, of effective, quality equipment, water treatments, medications and accessories that will ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of your koi pond or watergarden.  Other departments include Personalized Products, Home & Garden Gift Shop, The Gardens, Statuary, and Home Interior.  You'll find interesting items that you can't find just anywhere and at reasonable prices. 

Online Home & Garden Gift Shoppe
Since the days of our water garden center in Alpharetta, Georgia, we've always had a knack for finding unique items that you'll love to give as gifts and keep for yourself!  Although the Alpharetta location is no longer there we have continued our traditions online and we are now in the process of opening a new location in the beautiful town of Dahlonega, Georgia.  We ship classic and modern statues, spitters and other affordable pieces by Masserelli's and other producers of fine statuary right to your door.  We carry a very extensive line of yard art items that includes Sundials, High-Quality Windchimes and Gazing Globes.  For the home we have lighting, bar accessories, candles, photo frames.  I could go on all day!

Personalized and Custom Engraved Products
Peggy's Personalized Products, a division of PondDoc.com, is the part of the business that I personally have always loved.  Whether planning for a wedding or buying gifts for a loved one, personalization will make the gift that much more special.  Choose from hundreds of quality products for the bar, for your pet, for the gardener, for the new baby, for him or for her, whoever you're trying to shop for.  We'll suggest items that are perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, for every occasion or event.
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